LMFX is a new, luxorious, and sustainable metal finish that creates stunning designs.

From walls and stairs to furniture and art, LMFX's real metals make anything posibble. They adhere to virtually any surface.

apliccation can be done with a trowel, roller, or by spraying, offering endless possibilities for creative expression.

The metal coating can be further customized according to the prefence,such as polishing,brushing, or weathering

H. Zouhri - H. Zouhridesign

"Being creative is not a hobby, it's a way of life. I love to work with LMFX and make stunning projects". 

LMFX Europe

"We take pride in all the projects created with LMFX. The feedback we receive is very positive."


 Technical questions: 06-41796480                    Commercial or other questions: 085-0203560


Showroom: Rijnlanderweg 774L in Hoofddorp



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